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“We’ve been hibernating for a few months, juggling all kinds of aspects of life,” Maltese rock band Cinnamon War posted on their Facebook wall some weeks ago. Fortunately, in between coping with real estate development, academic endeavours and family expansion – frontman Mike recently became a daddy – they’ve also managed to write some new songs, of which Brightest Light, the band’s debut single, is the first to be released.

Naturally, being on a hiatus also means they haven’t performed for a while, which perhaps explains their enthusiasm to get back onstage and perform live. Citing the classic rock of the 1970s, the grunge of the 1990s and contemporary rock bands such as Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters among their primary influences, Cinnamon War’s sound is rhythmically solid with a melodic glaze. The song addresses a trying situation that many people face at some point in their lives, namely that of coming to terms with the understanding that some big dreams are fading away unrealised.

This article was first published on The Sunday Times of Malta (April 13, 2014)


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