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Their Facebook page suggests their music is a blend of indie, funk and rock, and it really only takes one listen to Chasing Paradise to understand that upcoming band The Domino Effect does exactly what it says on the tin. With a little extra sprinkling of pop that elevates its hook and appeal, Chasing Paradise is a promising and rather different follow-up to their 2013 debut offering, reflecting the efforts of a band that has taken its time to find its groove. Where 2013’s Origin had been crafted along a more mainstream rock vein, the new single clearly points to a drastic overhaul of the band’s musical co-ordinates and a broader range of influences – from Daft Punk, Chic and Jamiroquai to Two Door Cinema Club and OK Go - making their way into The Domino Effect’s collective sound. The accompanying music video has also helped in projecting the fun factor that is evident in this band’s music, which they will be bringing live and loud to a venue near you this summer!


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