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It is with chiming guitars that the latest album from Chris and Moira, ninety nights and a Monday announces its arrival. The upbeat stride of opening track Beautiful World, brimming with positivity, is indicative of the inspiration behind this record and can be felt throughout the entire album. This is not to say there are no poignant moments, but underneath it all, as with all the setbacks life can throw at you, one finds a persistent glimmer of hope to pull you through.

Such a forward-looking mindset is hardly surprising, given it comes from Chris and Moira, whose body of work to date has always incorporated a look on the bright side of life as opposed to the less inviting alternative. The title too proffers a point of interest, “representing a time frame of something we experienced while recording the album” the band said when asked if there was a story behind it, “the title gives off an edge of curiosity to make you look further into it”.

The latest full-length offering from Chris and Moira comes hot on the heels of three singles, namely Flight 170, Vampires (which was also accompanied by a music video produced with MCAST) and Beautiful World that individually pull in different directions, but somehow all three find their place within the context of the album. How then, do these singles tie in with the direction the band is pursuing? “The direction we’ve always wanted was to be original, and this has been the case with each of our records”.

To do this, they insist they have never shied away from experimenting with different rhythms and ideas. “Overall, the sound has a strong pop-rock inclination but we have come up with an alternative streak in some of the songs”. This blend has proved successful as much with the band’s local fanbase as with the new audiences they have entertained on their recent European Tour170 dates, which will continue into the Autumn. “The tour has given us a great opportunity to promote our music overseas and network with other bands” the band commented, adding that these bouts of intensive activity crown years of work on this new album, which critics have described as “one of their finest work”.

While it is evident that Chris and Moira are open to exploring new elements, one cannot deny that their strong-point remains rooted in the way they apply the use of vocal harmony that not only underlines the song’s melody but often also doubles as an extra instrument. On this album however, they have worked differently. “We felt we should utilize our voices in the best of ways; there are songs where we sing alone, some as duets and others harmonized”. This variety has resulted in giving the album a multi-layered depth; one that should make it more enjoyable and certainly less predictable for the listener.

Their fourth album to date, ninety nights and a Monday also marks two decades of making music together for Chris and Moira. The ten original compositions, culled from several others composed in preparation for this album, will be a regular feature not only during the band’s radio, TV and live performances but are also available to purchase worldwide through several digital music stores. Although it is being distributed largely as a digital download, the album is also available in a limited edition CD format that will be sold at the local and foreign concerts the band will be performing.

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Chris and Moira is Chris Scicluna (guitar, vocals), Moira Stafrace (guitar, vocals), Billy B (bass) and Philip Borg Barthet (drums).


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