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chris and moira, can't slow down, pop, rock

Can't slow down is the title of the latest single from Chris and Moira, but it is also a fitting statement reflecting the band's relentless work ethic and constant dedication to music. The funky riff that rolls out at the beginning of the song, along with the punctuated rhythm driving the song's three and a half minutes reveal yet another of its parent album's variety of ingredients; collectively representative of the fact that Chris and Moira did not hold back from exploring new ground while writing the ninety nights and a Monday album.

Released just a couple of months ago, the album is the result of a tasking three years, during which time the band (for the record, Chris and Moira has never been a duo) consolidated not the only its live set, but also realigned its focus to get their latest release heard by as many people as possible, and not just here in Malta where they have been a household name for at least two decades, but also beyond our shores. In fact, apart from a string of single releases (of which Can't Slow Down is the fourth) the album has already been promoted abroad, with several of its tracks having been played on foreign radio stations. More recently, the band had also played a number of gigs in a number of countries as part of the Tour 170 promotional schedule, further to which the band will shortly be jetting off to perform at three outdoor rock events, two in Italy and the other, Bratislava Rock Festival, in Slovakia.

The ninety nights and a Monday album is available as a digital download on iTunes or in CD format by contacting the band directly on Facebook. For more information, visit


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