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A quick peek at the website will reveal the locally-based internet label is now on its 20th release; Don Goliath's Calling on Jah compilation being the latest full-length release to be given away as a free download. Label founder and owner Manwel T has been long-involved in the reggae and dub scene, not only as a radio DJ but more prominently for his remixes of other artists' work. Eight years on from his first remix (and five since he set up Dubkey), Manwel T has finally released his first original composition. The track is called Live Good and is available to stream and download off the artist's Soundcloud page, where it has already been attracting favourable comments from other dub artists. This first step is significant in that it will almost surely lead to more material from Manwel T, possibly even his first album release, on of course!


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