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Maltese alt-rock band Waterwings has been around in some form or other for a few years, much of that time spent gigging, honing and polishing the sound this young four-piece has finally unleashed upon the local music scene in the form of debut single Steal the crown. Recorded at Foreface Studios with Niki Gravino, the single blends several of the band’s collective influences into one powerful rock song with a strong pop hook, and to push both aspects further, the band has also released an equally striking music video, produced by Neomax Productions and directed by Carlo Tonna de Lorenzo, that should sink in well with local rock fans, especially those who are also car enthusiasts. Apart from the song’s melodic clout, the video is quite a high-end production for a young upcoming band, to which all four readily admit they wanted to think big to make a good impression, and indeed they have, as the song has claimed a good chunk of radio airplay and a spot in the upper reaches of the BMAT PRS Malta Top 20 airplay chart. Boosted by all of this, the band is currently working on new material and plans to release an album next year. For more information about the band and upcoming gigs, visit



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