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Having skipped last year’s edition, the Rookies Battle of the Bands is back and actively looking for the best in new and upcoming local talent to perform live for the chance to win either a session to record a single or a cash prize. Rookies owner Chris Ciappara said “We’re looking for brand new acts, or those that have only come onto the scene recently; bands and duos that are still starting out and want to make a name for themselves”. This event has brought many a new act to light in past years, and the 2014 edition should be no different. “We’re still finalizing the details at the moment but more information will be announced soon”, Ciappara added. “What is sure is that we want to announce the winner before Christmas, which is why we’ve called it Rock the Sock”.

Participating bands will be expected to perform a 30-45 minute set, which must include a minimum of two original songs. The event will take place between the end of November and the beginning of December. Interested bands should get in touch with Chris Ciappara either on 79542456 or via email on


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