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You've probably caught them performing in some bar or other around Malta, but there's much more to Xarulù than just playing for the crowd. Consisting of two friends on vocals and acoustic guitars with a shared passion for anything remotely having a musical inclination, Josef Camilleri and Luke Agius formed Xarulù in the summer of 2013. Since then, they've earned a solid reputation as talented and entertaining artists, thanks in part to their affable personalities, as well as for their knack for projecting good vibes, 'singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true' (as the late great Bob Marley once sang), and giving them their own unique touch, often driven by a great deal of improvisation that ensures each performance is never the same.

This past year has been particularly special and fruitful for Xarulù, and there's no denying that their profile is far more elevated now than it was 11 months ago. An appearance at the Beer Festival in the summer definitely helped to bring them to a new, wider audience, as did their participation at Rockestra in September and Notte Bianca in October and now, Xarulù will be taking on an entirely different audience when they step onto the stage at the 2014 Malta Eurovision Song Contest. It may not be the kind of gig one imagines this dynamic guitar duo to play, but it's practically guaranteed they will go down a treat with their customised medley of two very massive hits.

Xarulù however, aren't only about playing covers, which they always twist and tweak in their own particular way. "Reworking other people's songs enables us to explore and acknowledge our musical roots", Camilleri said in a comment, "it is a base from which we take Xarulù forward into new areas". Apart from writing original material, the duo is currently also working on its first recording. "We've sorted out a rough demo from our rehearsal sessions", Camilleri said of the song. "It has an upbeat, feelgood slant, and while it is in line with our acoustic roots, it also blends in new instruments and sounds".

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