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The results of the first ROCKNA listeners' polls were announced during the first 2015 edition of the weekly radio show on Friday, January 5. The polls were divided into four categories, namely Best Band, Best Album, Best Song and Best Music Videos. Voting was open for four-weeks, with the choice of picks left entirely open to encourage inclusion of all genres. ROCKNA t-shirts were won by three of the competition participants, Mario Saliba, Carmen Cuschieri and Sephora Cutajar.

The results of the voting were as follows:

BEST BAND: Plato's Dream Machine (12% of the total vote)

BEST ALBUM: Ghera by Plato's Dream Machine (15% of the total vote)

BEST SONG: Whole lot of nothing by The Rifffs (12% of the total vote)

BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Ic-Cimiterju by Brodu (13% of the total vote)

Presented by Michael Bugeja, ROCKNA is broadcast every Friday at 7pm on Radio 101.


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