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Some love it, some hate it, some may just be indifferent to it, but whatever your thoughts may be about the music of the 80's, there's no denying it was an exciting and inspiring decade; a stepping stone and an influence on many of the sounds that followed, traces of which are still very evident in the music being made in the here and now.

A Critical Mass is all about that, and every so often we like to dig out our old records and revisit the sounds that shaped that notorious decade. We could do that in private, but some music just has to be shared, and that's what will be happening on February 9 aboard the Black Pearl in Ta' Xbiex. As in previous editions, the playlist will consist of a mixture of new wave and synthpop tunes, some familiar, some perhaps a bit obscure, with a pronounced inclination towards the alternative side and a dash of pop for extra flavour.

This particular edition will be extra special too, for apart from resident DJs Michael Bugeja and Joseph Felice, the event will also feature an exclusive set from top local electronic act Duo Blank. It's no secret that the 80's played an essential part in shaping this duo's musical trajectories, and they readily admit to being inspired by several pioneering artists as well as trailblazing labels from that decade, particularly Mute and Factory Records. Beyond that, Duo Blank are also intrigued by the music that inspired the alternative sounds of the 80's, such as the German progressive rock and electronic scene of the 70's, the birth of industrial music and the disco scene, all of which would prove so influential and lead to so many innovative and exciting offshoots throughout the decades that have passed.

A Critical Mass will take place at The Black Pearl in Ta' Xbiex on Monday, February 9. Doors open at 9.30pm and entrance is €5 at the door. For more information, click here.


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