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Despite being released in March 2013, Ira Losco’s latest album The Fire continues to be a vital reference point in terms of the Maltese pop artist’s ongoing activity and presence in the Maltese music scene. So much so, that her latest single Dead or Alive is in fact the sixth track to be singled out from the album for radio release. Naturally, the release comes with an accompanying music video, which at the time of going to print, has already clocked up almost 13,000 views. Shot in the UK, the video was filmed by Video Ink, the dynamic team that also directed the video for the local chart-topping single The way it’s meant to be, and for this particular shoot Ira also needed to brave an icy cold climate for a particular scene.

The video features Ira flaunting a new look as she performs at the majestic Morecambe Winter Garden Theatre in Lancashire, which was built in the 1800s. The footage is mixed with silhouetted images of two fighters, representing the internal conflict that lies at the core of the new single’s theme. Possibly one of the darkest tracks on the album, Dead or Alive underwent a major transformation during the recording phase. “The original version had a more ‘country’ feel”, Ira said in a comment, “but once I heard what Howard (Keith, producer) brought to it we both realized this was the way to go with the song, and it really works as a single too”.

Ira is about to get back into the recording studio to start working on a new album in preparation of another busy year ahead. Manager Howard Keith of Jagged House remarked that “Ira’s determination to try out new things and to avoid repeating herself makes her very unpredictable as an artist. It’s not the easy road to take but artistically I would say far more rewarding”. Meanwhile The Fire remains a regular fixture in the Top 10 of the Maltese iTunes album charts. The album is available from all major digital portals.

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Photo by Benjamin Stanton


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