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Until a year or so ago, Sofar Sounds was pretty much an unknown quantity within the Maltese music scene. Very few, if at all, knew of this international ‘brand’ and its rather enticing and innovative concept of staging secret gigs in intimate, alternative spaces. In less than a year, the situation has changed, and not only has Sofar Sounds become a familiar name among local indie artists, it has effectively infiltrated our music scene. The first local edition was held last year to very positive feedback and attendance, leading to a follow-up dual event that involved an artist exchange with the UK and, come Sunday, yet another edition is set to take place. It’s safe to say that none of this would have probably ever happened if one young Maltese music fan(atic) hadn’t decided to attend a Sofar Sounds gig one evening in London back in 2013. Enthralled by that experience, he set about bringing the idea to Malta. MICHAEL BUGEJA interviews that same young man, SHAWN JAMES ahead of this Sunday’s event.

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This article was first published on (01 March 2015)


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