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Still a relatively new band despite making a grand entrance with their debut release last September, WaterWings are back with their second single. And just as Steal the crown caught everyone's attention with its melodic rock punch, new single Forever Clear promises to consolidate the band's status as one of the island's foremost new talents. Boasting an immediate hook that suggests the influence of a certain Liverpudlian quartet, the song possesses a summery vibe that will almost certainly guarantee even more rotation on the local airwaves during the sunny months than it's already getting.

In contrast to the lavish music video for Steal the crown, the young lads have opted for a lyric video this time, but not quite you ordinary lyric video either. The animated production fits Forever Clear's warmer pop shimmer hand in glove, slipping in a degree of underlying suaveness in the process that arouses curiosity as to where this band will go next as they continue to work on their debut EP. Bearing in mind they've been working with talented maverick Niki Gravino, who recorded and produced both their singles at his Foreface Studios, the answer to that will be quite difficult to pin down. At the very least, this assures us that it will certainly be interesting and engaging, which in actual terms is a rather fitting way of describing both WaterWings' offerings to date.

Listen to Forever Clear here.

Photo by David Grima


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