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You may or may not remember that their 2010 debut single was called Forget It, but it was more than clear even then that this was a band that had no intention of being forgotten. And how could it, armed with tunes like the highly infectious Paris, the delicate magnificence of The Liberators and the indie clout (not to mention the unique title) of My Robot Monkey Army Is Better Than Yours, it was abundantly clear that Funk Initiative were here to stay. That they took their time is no secret, but they've nevertheless maintained a strong enough public profile, even performing at last summer's Isle of MTV, to keep the momentum going, and here they are, finally about to launch their debut album.

The first taste of the new material - all 13 tracks on Cartographers are brand new - was latest single I Pray My Soul Is Saved, But I Guess It's Damned. A resolute pop song with indie-rock affluence and a chorus that just lingers on long after the song has ended, let me just say that the single offers only a hint of what one can expect from the album. This is after all a band that has always flaunted its adventurous tendencies, so perhaps the best way to put it for the time being (and to arouse your curiosity further) is simply to expect the unexpected!

Funk Initiative will be launching Cartographers on Friday, May 22 with a live concert at Aria Complex (limits of San Gwann). The New Victorians will also be performing on the night. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets cost €5 (entrance only) or €10 (including the CD album) and are available either by calling the hotlines 79284029 - 79297339 - 77950536 or from Tommy Hilfiger (Valletta), New York Best (University Heights and Sliema) and Olimpus Music Store (Mosta). DJs Stef B and Luke Funk will be spinning tunes after the bands. For more information click here.

Photo by Kris Micallef


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