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It started out as a one-off idea for a fun night out, with two mates spinning their favourite tunes from the 80s and thereabouts, but we enjoyed it so much, and apparently you did too, that here we are, getting ready for our fourth edition (and a half, if we count that ill-fated second edition that an unforeseen power cut killed rather unceremoniously). The concept remains the same, i.e. girls (and guys) just want to have fun, but yeah, we like to slip in the odd obscure track or three, we even nip into the latter end of the 70s occasionally (and why not), but in the end, it's all about you, the people who are there, and us, the people behind the mixer, looking good on the dancefloor, dancing to the tunes that a. soundtracked your teenage years, or b. soundtracked your parents' teenage years (delete as applicable). This is A Critical Mass, your friendly neighbourhood resident DJS plus guest DJ on board! See you there!

A Critical Mass will be held at Razzett L-Ahmar in Mosta on Saturday, August 1.

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