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More than a year has passed since the release of Todo es más bonito, the sophomore offering from Spanish band TroffaHamra y Los Mechones, but the band hasn’t exactly been idling about. There were gigs to play, the album to promote and of course, new songs to write along the way too. The first of the new material to see the light of day is ¡Oh Tragedy-me!, a one-off single that was composed, arranged and produced by the band’s only Maltese member, Ruth Abela. “The song speaks about someone who is constantly waiting for tragedy to happen - a fatalist”, Abela said in a comment, adding that there is a strong ‘spaghetti western’ influence. “I love the sound, and in fact it has cropped up on other songs of ours before”. The song is available here.

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TroffaHamra y los Mechones are TroffaHamra (Ruth Abela) - voice and rhythm guitar, Maria Puertas – tuba, Eloi Vidal – trumpet, Rafael Buzón - electric guitar and Elisenda Fábregas – drums.


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