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45 years on from releasing what is quite likely the first international hit single by a Maltese artist, jon lukas woodenman remains entirely immersed in the world of music. If he isn't putting together his weekly woodenman's jukebox radio show, he's either attending a gig somewhere or other, or quite possibly in a recording studio working on new material. Having independently released a new single each year for at least the past four years - and written a gem of a pop tune by the name of Regent Street in 2014 for Maltese artist Lyndsay too, lest we forget - it's safe to say that the man who couldn't afford to lose is certainly on a winning streak. Each of his past few releases has reflected an inquisitiveness into all things contemporary; an artist who is interested in all that is going around him without losing sight of his roots; the result an intuitive blend that retains a pop effervescence without repeating itself, underpinned by lyrics that actually mean something.

Latest single Secrets, released earlier this month, ticks all the above boxes, a successful combo of classic pop with a twist of soul and stop/start rhythms that gives the song its unique edge. "After 2013's Bad News and last year's Older..Better?, I had to get my head around something that would be no less effective than those songs had been", woodenman remarked about the new single, adding that the message took priority over the music. "I found myself concentrating on projecting the message more clearly through a meaningful vocal that had me giving it all the soul I could muster while still in restraint mode". The song itself talks about the hidden truths, or rather, indirect truths that verge on lies that affect us all on a daily basis.

Secrets, along several other releases by woodenman are available here. Proceeds from all the download sales are shared with a UK Cancer Research charity foundation.

Follow jon lukas woodenman on Facebook here.


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