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trackage scheme electronic music event Malta

Without a doubt, it has been a very busy summer for Trackage Scheme. Barely a year since the organization was officially launched, it has staged several events, among the them the recent series of weekly live sessions and the Gestalt event at The Rooftop, as well as collaborating with the Malta Street Art Festival. And, on top of it all, Trackage Scheme also rolled out its official website earlier this summer.

Yes, it has been hectic indeed and there's more to come in the shape of another event. Essentially the organization's official end-of-summer event, Electronic Voyage - as the name clearly suggests - is dedicated entirely to electronic music. Featuring 10 leading names from the local electronic music scene, the event will be held at the Avalon Club in Birżebbuġa on Monday, September 7 which, in case you haven't noticed is the eve of a public holiday. Could you have it any better?

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