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The Hard Rock Afterdark LIVE series, which kicked off last January, will be wrapping things up for this year with the fifth and final event on Saturday, November 28.

The four previous editions featured songs linked to a particular era or theme. In January we were taken back to the 90s. The 80s was the featured decade of the night last April, while the 70s sound was highlighted in June, further to which the annual Queen celebration Freddie for a Day was held in September.

Fifty-two musicians have so far taken part in this series, making Hard Rock Afterdark a great showcase for musicians coming from a variety of genres. This proved to be a challenge for the event's music coordinators Daryl Ebejer (12th Ode) and Patrick Camilleri (The Creepers) but in the end it all came together once the band hit the stage.

Hard Rock Cafe Malta is preparing to celebrate its 15th anniversary and Afterdark LIVE will be the official closing party for the celebrations. The band, made up of musicians and singers from several local bands, will be playing a selection of rock hits spanning five decades from the 60s up to the Noughties, so get ready to sing and rock the night away, with tunes from the likes of The Beatles, C.C.R., Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Blink 182, Radiohead, Creed, U2, Iron Maiden and many others to be performed during the two-hour concert.

Among the long list of performers, one finds members of the bands 12th Ode, Cinnamon War, Cheryl & Ken, ElderWater, Infinite Loop, Mojo, Noogie’s Crew, Purple Haze, Relikc, Scar, Stoned and The Creepers.

Doors open at 10pm with a warm-up DJ set while the live performance starts at 11pm.Entrance cost EUR 8 at the door and part of the proceeds will go towards ALS Malta Foundation.


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