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Pebble Beach officially got together at the end of 2016, their debut single Patience attracting a lot of attention with its retro-referencing vibe and breezy flow. The band spent much of the following couple of years gigging, sharing their fresh sounds with as many new audiences and as many stages as possible, among them the Rock Stage at the Farsons Beer Festival. spoke to Pebble Beach following the release of their sophomore single, 2:47AM.

MB. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Pebble Beach. What’s been going on behind scenes?

We’ve been quite busy with our studies and respective projects, however, we’ve all been coming up with ideas individually and recording demos, so we're sure to have lots to work on when this COVID-19 situation dies down.

MB. What was it that re-ignited the spark that got the band back in the action?

Last November we took part in a charity ‘battle of the bands’ organised by Rebels MC in aid of the Ursuline sisters, which we won, surprisingly. The prize was a free recording session at SpineSplitter Studios. Since we hadn’t rehearsed for a while, we needed to meet up and get into shape in order to get ready to record.

MB. Do you feel your sound has evolved since your first appeared on the local music scene and in what aspects primarily?

Our sound has become more focused as we have all matured as musicians and have a better idea as to what we’d like to achieve in our music.

MB. What can you tell us about your latest release, 2:47AM? Was it part of your existing repertoire or is it a brand new composition; a result, perhaps, of your more recent collective efforts?

The song is recent however we’ve played it at gigs a few times. It is centred on the thoughts one may have late at night when they find themselves alone in their heads. Musically, 2:47AM follows the bass-driven style of our previous release Patience, however we've brought in new elements that really highlights each musician’s individual skills.

MB. You were going to have to postpone this release. What’s the story there?

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we were debating whether it was best to release the tune during or after the pandemic is over. Ultimately we decided to release it now, since a lot of people are forced to stay inside, they may have more time to listen to and discover new music!

MB. Given that rehearsals are currently suspended due to the pandemic, how are you getting around the problem, so as not to lose the fresh momentum?

Each one of us is recording new ideas and individual demos, that we hope to share and work on once we finally get back to our regular rehearsal routine. We've also been recording some online sessions (from our homes) that will be uploaded to YouTube in the near future, so keep an eye out for those!

Pebble Beach's 2:47AM is available on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc.).

Instagram: @pebblebeachmt

Twitter: @pebbletweetz

Facebook: Pebble Beach

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