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The poster alone should really be enough to deliver the message, but here at, we feel a few words of praise are in good order, given the almighty task the Rock The South crew have had to overcome to put together this event in such an unbelievably short period of time!

That the Coronavirus has pretty much messed up all of the music events scheduled for the greater part of this year is no secret, and anyone (yours truly included!) who just love to attend live gigs are feeling pretty frustrated. It is therefore with open arms and a Cheshire Cat's grin that we welcome the arrival of what will be the first (and let's admit it, hopefully the last) edition of Rock The Quarantine!

This year's edition of Rock The South - the 9th, no less - was gearing up to be the biggest and best edition to date of this homegrown festival of alternative sounds! Unfortunately, as the pandemic crept ever closer, the tough deicsion to cancel the event had to be taken. Festival founder Nick Morales however, has never been one to turn away from a challenge, and along with his crew, he wasted no time in drawing up new plans to take advantage of the quarantine conditions and here we are, just one day away from Rock The Quarantine - a full weekend of amazing music from local and international acts, and it's all free! However, we encourage you to support this event and the music community by giving a little something in exchange for merch and records via the Rock The Quarantine crowdfunding campaign which you can find here!

Rock The Quarantine is happening this weekend, May 15, 16 and 17 at



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