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A mainstream act this is not, in fact Curmudgeon is more of an ongoing project through which young musician Timothy Garrett gets to explore new ideas. Experimentation has been the driving force behind all three of this project's releases to date, and the latest, LOCAT(I)ON is probably the most extreme of them all. Its core content is sculpted from field recordings lifted from a variety of places and surroundings which, in turn have inspired Garrett to infiltrate the spaces and give the recorded sounds a new dimension. Building the music around the field recordings, he has created some interesting soundscapes that will certainly appeal to those with an inclination towards abstract, fluid sounds. In a note on his Bandcamp site, Garrett writes that "LOCAT(I)ON is not necessarily a site-specific recording, and can be listened to anywhere at any time. Listeners are encouraged to treat the music as part of their environment". The album is out on February 2 and can be ordered directly from the artist either as a digital download or in limited edition CD format, which comes in a home-made sleeve and includes a booklet and extra artwork exclusive to physical releases only.

To order the album, click here.

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