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In this interview, ROCKNA presenter Michael Bugeja gets the lowdown about the upcoming Botta u Risposta event directly from Maltese rappers Lapes and Hooligan.

Botta U Risposta is essentially the Maltese equivalent of a rap battle, more often than not freestyled spontaeously as rappers try to outdo each other to win the crowd over in a battle of verses, all in Maltese of course. The first edition of this hip hop event, held in August 2014 (read more here) was quite intense and narrowly won by the more experienced Hooligan in the end. In the time since however, Lapes has not only released his own album with Marmalja, but clocked up a lot more experience, which will surely make this second face-off, dubbed the 'last chapter', perhaps even more nerve-wracking and intense than the first encounter.

Botta u Risposta II will beheld on Friday, February 5, 2016 at Razzett L-Ahmar in Mosta. Apart from the main event, the night will also feature performances from Maltese Knights, Street Elements, Digby and DJ Mac and an after-party with tunes from El Jako. For more details click here.


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