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Even before they decided to move to Berlin, Maltese musicians Alexandra Aquilina and Daniel Borg had already been distancing themselves somewhat from the indie pop/rock they had successfully traded in as Skimmed. Venturing into darker waters, the duo tapped new sounds and absorbed fresh influences which, coupled with their own creative musings have surfaced in the music they are now making under the name of BlackFawn.

Describing its music as experimental, psych-noise Goth, the duo’s sound is all of these and more, as is most evident on debut release Generations 14. Shaped around (and within) an ethereal dynamic akin that explored by indie label 4AD’s roster of artists back in the 1980s, this first offering openly embraces the duo’s obvious post-punk leanings while flaunting a contemporary edge. Produced and mixed by Jonas Verwijnen and Janne Lounatvuori, the result is indeed evocative but magnificently so, an impressive portent of what we can expect from BlackFawn in the near future.

Main photo by Nigel Baldacchino


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