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  • Michael Biugeja


215 collective is a local hip hop group that has already made a name for itself on the local scene, with hit tunes such as Feel about it (30k views on YouTube) , Letter to my ex (19k views) and Deal with the Devil (10k views). The collective is continuously working on new material; in fact since their last release - Eddie Fresco's Disrespect - they're about to drop a brand new track, Waves by Caro.

Commenting about the new single, Caro said "the track is something I've been waiting to release for a while now, I tried to stray away from my usual tracks and opt for a more summer and catchy vibe with this one". He added that writing the track came quite naturally. "I had it down in 2 days. I just wanted to let go and have fun with it, and the beat complements the mood since I went for the sort of sound that's popping in the UK right now. I just want people to be able to vibe with this one and enjoy it for what it is".

Meanwhile 215 Collective remain hard at work, busy writing new material which, besides consolidating their position as a leading act locally, will hopefully also grab the attention of the international markets. And last but not least, make sure to keep an eye out for more new music from Eddie Fresco as well as Yanick, who will be working on releasing individual EP's later this year.


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