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Have you got your copy yet?

It was barely a year ago that Twee Records was launched. The occasion was marked with the limited edition release of a four-track cassette EP during an intimate live acoustic event in Sliema. Last year's Rockna Live & Unplugged EP, of which only 22 copies were produced, featured four songs performed and recorded live during different editions of the weekly Rockna radio show.

In a few days' time, Twee Records will be launching its next release, another first for the label in that it will be its debut 7'' vinyl release. The split single features the classic 1981 hit Dance music for the 80's depression by The Rifffs and Dripht's 2005 interpretation of the same song on the flipside. The original is possibly one of the hardest-to-find Maltese singles, as many vinyl collectors can confirm, while Dripht's version was released through Reciprocal Records on CD only as part of the band's Global Warning EP.

The release reflects the label's mission to reissue classic tracks from the Maltese music scene, packaged in such a way to appeal to music fans in general, but especially to vinyl collectors since each single will be a limited-edition release of just 222 hand-numbered copies.

The single will be launched on Thursday, November 22 at Hole in the Wall, Sliema. After a short presentation, during which members of both The Rifffs and Dripht will be present, Kriz Haze will be performing a special acoustic set for the occasion. Entrance is free. The single can be ordered by sending contact details to


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