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Producer KNTRL dropped a downtempo electronica dream earlier this month when he gave his own twist to the latest single from UK-based duo Berne. The original track, an immersive blend of ethereal vocals and astral production, calls on the listener to take environmental action, and KNTRL, who in his emergent days had been named among “DJ Mag’s Ones to Watch”, injects his signature haunting feel in his remix.  Commneting about his latest remix, KNTRL said “It’s nice to work on music with a really meaningful message like this, and use my distinct soundscape to switch up the sound. My style of writing complemented the great elements the track already had, while also pushing the tempo to achieve a balance between a dance tune and a chilled afternoon-at-home track.”

“...KNTRL has one of the most distinctive sounds in Malta’s electronic music sphere.” Trackage Scheme

“They deliver a powerful environmental statement via means of hazy guitar hooks and softly flickering vocals.” FAME Magazine

“It’s such a peaceful, meditative track that we almost forgot the chaos of Friday release madness." The Most Radicalist

“This alt-pop duo, focuses not only on showcasing their immense talent, but makes sure to use their platform to spread an impacting message.” Medium


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