• Michael Bugeja


Maltese band nosnow/noalps are currently busy working on their next EP. Titled Go Go Go Go, the new release will consist of half a dozen songs and a couple of bonus remixes. To realize the EP, the band is asking their fans to help out by way of a crowdfunding campaign on Pledgemusic.com, with several different offers available depending on the amount being pledged, starting from the simplest - a digital download of the EP + updates for €10 to a private acoustic concert for €400 (available to Maltese residents only).

Other offers include signed EPs, limited edition merchandise and even a one-on-one drum lesson for those interested in getting behnd the drumkit. Apart from raising money to finance the new EP, the band's campaign is also aimed at supporting the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) and in fact, 10% of all the funds raised will go to the voluntary organisation.

Meanwhile you can listen to the band's latest album Romantikpolitik here.


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