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He is primarily better known as the bass player and wordsmith behind Forsaken and Nomad Son's acclaimed albums, but beyond his pivotal role in both of these iconic bands, metal scene veteran Albert Bell has been putting in extra hours in the studio, working on a project that ventures beyond the world of Doom Metal, where Bell commands a great deal of respect both at home and abroad. Titled Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus, the new project has already been snapped up by Metal-On-Metal Records, the Italian label that is also home to Nomad Son. In a press comment on its website, the label said it is "pleased to be working with Albert, who's not only an accomplished songwriter and musician and an active supporter of the scene, but also a personal friend".

Fans of Forsaken and Nomad Son will surely be surprised at the work that Bell has been producing for this solo project. To begin with, debut solo album Deus Volt will be the first time he has taken on lead vocals, not to mention that the musical style is more expansive, digging deep into the artist's roots for inspiration. Rather than remain within the familiar environment of Doom metal, it seems that Bell has stepped outside his comfort zone, seeking to create music that on some level references the various metal genres he grew up with and first dabbled in back in the 1980s, but with a darker edge to it and all done from a contemporary perspective.

Bell also had words of praise for the people behind the acclaimed Italian label. "I'm delighted to be joining forces with Metal-on-Metal Records again for this new project. Jowita and Simone leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their bands, and moreover, they are total worshippers of the arcane path of the old school". While the album launch is scheduled for September 13, the track The Tears of Ishtar is available as part of the Compendium of Metal Vol. 7 compilation which can be streamed and downloaded here.


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