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The release of jazz album Velvet last year was an important milestone for singer Nadine Axisa. Not only did it confirm her as one of the foremost jazz vocalists on the island, it consolidated the merited admiration she has been getting from international circles too. In fact, she recently had several opportunities to interpret tunes from her album, at a number of local concerts and at a jazz festival in Berlin last December.

As the album continues to glean rave reviews, Axisa has just released a new music video for another of the tracks off her acclaimed album. A follow-up of sorts to the simple but charming 'making of' video for the sublime song Għanja released last year, the new music video, filmed and edited by Chris Mallia, offers an apt visual accompaniment for Stormy Night's intimate ambiance.

Written by Kris Spiteri and featuring the writer on piano, Edward Ellul on bass, Alex Debono on drums and Tatjana Chircop's string quartet, Stormy Night is without a doubt one of the standout tracks on the album, highlighting Axisa's warm vocal timbre and melodic sway. Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Vella at Temple Studios, Velvet features 12 tracks performed by local and foreign jazz musicians and is available on iTunes. The recording of the album was supported by the Malta Arts Fund.


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