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Following a recent series of live appearances at various events, Mistura has announced it will be playing at two very different but equally engaging venues, giving the public the opportunity to witness a contemporary local rock band which sings entirely in Maltese.

The first is the Farsons Great beer Festival in Ta' Qali on Friday, july 24, where the band will open for the notoriously popular Xtruppaw on the Rock Stage. "We are very excited to share the stage with Xtruppaw, which is one of our favourite local bands – the one which was not afraid to sing in Maltese when virtually no-one else was doing so", the band commented, adding that the festival is now a staple event in the local music calendar and they are proud to be part of this year’s line-up.

Next month, precisely on August 7 and 9 Mistura will, for the first time since its release, present a full live rock concert based on their debut concept album U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur as part of the University of Malta's Evenings on Campus. The album, which explores various facets of life as a continuous cycle that repeats itself, also provides a sometimes scathing, sometimes satirical social commentary, particularly in relation to local politics, political correctness and other aspects of the Maltese way of life. “Apart from original songs from the album, we will also be including reworked versions of some well-known Maltese songs as part of the narrative. This will ensure an element of familiarity as well.”

Tickets for the Evenings on Campus are available from

Photo by Elisa Von Brockdorff


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