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By his own admission, Maltese artist Gresha is a self-styled bedroom producer, one of countless like-minded souls around the globe who have grasped the technology that is so readily available and used it transform their musical vision into reality. Having studied music, piano in particular as well as singing from a very young age, Gresha's initial forays into music saw him perform with various bands over the years, but he also harboured the dream of one day doing his own thing. That day eventually arrived some time back, but it is only now, with the release of his self-penned debut single Dreamers that he is finally stepping out and making his solo project public knowledge.

"The big push to start working on this solo project was actually financial", Gresha said in a comment. A student at the time, he says that booking a professional studio with all its bells and whistles proved too costly for his budget. "Instead of putting a lot of money into just one track, I thought it better to invest in putting together a home studio set-up of my own where I could work at my own pace and produce more than just one song".

Essentially self-taught, Gresha credits the internet as the primary source in helping him learn the ropes. "I discovered several online sources that helped me to acquire the skill and knowledge to use my studio gear". Immersing himself completely, he learnt all about music production, recording and mixing, all of which he is clearly quite familiar now, as his debut offering proves, although he is quick to point out that there's still much more to learn.

Although he admits to being influenced by a variety of genres and artists, Gresha insists that, being a pianist with a deep passion for technology, he has always been particularly inclined towards electronic dance music. "Being primarily synth-based and produced directly via computer software, electronic music has always fascinated me", he explains, adding that some of his main influences include renowned producers such as Armin Van Buren, Tiesto, Alexander Popov, Chicane and Markus Schulz.

Dreamers is available online on the following music portals.


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