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London-based Maltese singer-songwriter Berne recently released the official music video for her emotive new single In The Woods. The slightly-creepy yet dramatic video sees Berne exploring personal demons as a narrative to the track.

In a comment about the single, which was produced by Niki Gravino, Berne said In The Woods “is about being in a dark place so often and for so long that it becomes the only place you know. You begin to appreciate the beauty of this place because it makes you braver, stronger - it becomes part of who you are."

Drawn towards writing dark, intriguing and ultimately relatable songs, Berne’s versatile vocal range and arresting delivery offer poignancy and drama to linger within your mind long after her songs have ended. Inspired by the realities that surround us in our daily struggles, Berne is also influenced by the work of artists such as Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Agnes Obel and Marina Diamandis.

Her endeavours in contemporary music saw her fronting the award-winning indie band Bletchley Park, who twice topped the radio charts in her home country of Malta. Berne's debut single India was also crowned 'Best Single' in 2012 by The Sunday Times of Malta, and she counts Jamie Cullum among her growing number of fans.

Further to headlining the 2015 Rock the South Festival in Malta last April, Berne released the hauntingly enigmatic piano-heavy single In The Woods earlier this month, with the UK release of her eagerly-anticipated debut EP Conversation to follow on November 13. Berne will be performing live at this year's Malta Takes London event on Saturday, 31 October, 2015.


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