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There may (or may not, depending on your love of the sciences) be an interesting story behind the choice of Jack's Fusion for a band name. Whatever your inclination, the one sure thing is that this upcoming band's sound is indeed rather powerful or, as they prefer to put it, 'a mix of sounds and ideas that one could almost call an energy cocktail'. What better name then to give their debut single, if not Electric?

Guitar-driven, rhythmic and packing a melodic punch, Electric is the band's first step towards the release of an EP that is scheduled for release next year. The song, in the words of vocalist Emma Grech "is about empowerment and breaking free from something that may be tying you down in life".

While this is the band’s first public release, it's worth mentioning that Jack’s Fusion has been active for a number of years already, although they'll readily concede that the band officially established itself in the summer of 2014. "We're all very passionate about our music", guitarist Luke Deguara said in a comment, adding that the band is eager to get back in the studio to record more songs for the EP, but underlining the importance of maintaining a presence in the public eye, either through the media but especially by performing live.

The past year has been especially busy for the band, with tasking rehearsal and recording schedules as well as several live performances all around the island, among them the Amplified concert in Sliema and the Farson’s Great Beer Festival last summer.

Electric was launched exclusively during an interview the band did on the weekly ROCKNA radio show on Radio 101 with Michael Bugeja. Click here to listen to the interview.

Jack's Fusion is Emma Grech (vocals), Jean-Luc Camilleri (drums), Kurt Bezzina (bass), Jacob Spiteri (guitar) and Luke Deguara (guitar).


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