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The latest single from Maltese singer Ria comes not with the aim of topping radio charts, but with a word of comfort and an offering of solace, the song clearly part of the grieving process that the artist herself had to go through after the loss of her cousin Philip Bonett around a year and a half ago. "I've recorded another single", she wrote to me a few months back, "it's called See you again and it's in memory of my cousin who passed away after battling cancer for 15 years".

In stark contrast to the music I'd heard her sing in the past, See you again is indeed a touching song, adapted from a poem Ria had originally written to help her deal with her cousin's death. "Words cannot really describe just how greatly this loss has affected our family. There's a very big void in our lives, and writing this song hasn't only helped me deal with his passing, it is also a way to reach out to everyone whose life has been affected by Philip's death and to thank his family who encouraged me to write this song". The song is especially dedicated to

to those who were with Philip throughout his illness.

The song is available to purchase online at Any proceeds will be donated to Puttinu Cares as an appreciation of all that the organization did for Philip Bonett so that they may continue to help other people who are currently battling cancer.


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