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Like many others before them, Life Long War started out as a small school project to provide an evening's entertainment for a scholastic activity, but evolved into a bonafide band. Thanks to that one event, they landed several other school-related gigs until, two summers ago, they finally made the big step into the local live circuit proper. "We've played a good number of gigs so far, among them performances at Notte Bianca, various fund-raising events and even a TV performance", the band said in a comment, further to which it was then only natural to step into the recording studio and work on their first release.

Citing the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Black Keys among a varied list of influences, Life Long War have recently released their debut single Sun and, very much in line with its title, it's a breezy number with a flowing funky groove and a glistening pop sheen that has summer written all over it, despite only being released now as winter is about to kick in. "We recorded the band at Temple Studios last August", the band commented, adding that "Sun is an easy-listening song with soul". They're not wrong there, and there's a very good chance that this funky little number will give this upcoming band's profile a big boost and a firm foothold on the local airwaves too, not to mention the sunny music video they've produced for this debut single.

Click here to listen to or download Sun.

Life Long War is Kyle Fearne (drums), Nicky James Camilleri (lead vocals and guitar), Zeki Floyd Cassar (backing vocals and lead guitar).

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