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I don't usually post much about foreign artists on this website unless there's a Maltese link somewhere. However, as every music lover will certainly have heard, the last days of 2015 brought with them sad news as we learnt of the demise of not one, but four international artists spanning different genres.

On December 27, 1960s band Easybeats' singer Stevie Wright passed away in Australia. The next day, it was announced that Motorhead's Lemmy, The Specials' drummer John Bradbury and dance music artist Guru Josh had also died. Four artists who, apart from collectively representing the diversity (or part of it at least) that exists in music, individually left an indelible impression on the music world, each of them an icon in his own right.

I won't go into any eulogies here, but I just wanted to share this powerful rendition of Motorhead's Brotherhood of Man by The Spinesplitter Studio as a tribute to Lemmy, making it quite possibly the last official release from the Maltese music scene for 2015. Play loud!


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