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Trackage Scheme's Rooftop Sessions last summer proved to be more than just another series of live gigs. So much so, that the organization has followed it up with a new series of live events - held indoor of course given it is wintertime - with the marked difference that instead of a midweek slot, the Sacred Noise gigs, as the new series is called, are being held on Sunday evenings, showcasing Malta’s finest musical talent both on stage as well as behind the decks, where each event will feature a different headlining alternative band and DJ.

The Areola Treat, The Violent Violets and The Busker were the bands that performed in the first three editions of Sacred Noise. The event will be put on hold this weekend as everyone gets all dressed up for Carnival fever but will be back on SUnday, February 14 with Massacre House Party onstage and LVX spinng tunes after the performance. For more details and tickets, visit


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