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Popular Maltese rock band Airport Impressions has got together with Hospice Malta, which collaboration is linked to the ‘When All I Have Is Yours’ campaign and will involve the release of the band’s latest single Mariette.

Released today, the new single - which is also the title track of the band’s second full-length album and the last single to be released off said album - carries a strong message of love and respect towards the ‘maternal’ figure, here also representing those dearest to us that have been taken from us before their time due to illness. It is a message that is also embraced by Hospice Malta, which provides constant support not only to patients suffering from cancer and other respiratory, cardiac and renal diseases but also to their families. All of Hospice Malta’s services are free of charge and given to different of individuals and their families irrespective of race, religion or lifestyle.

The ‘When All I Have Is Yours’ campaign press launch was addressed by Hon. Dr Helena Dalli, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, further to which the music video for the new single was also launched. The single will be available as a free download to the public, with all donations received at the public’s discretion and all funds made directly available to the Hospice Malta.


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