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The Voice Lab Malta recently announced that 8 of its students have been chosen by an international panel of judges to participate in the Festival Della Canzone Citta Di Mascalucia, which will be taking place on August 5 and 6.

The 8 vocalists, Aaliyah Cauchi, Sherizen Camilleri, Kylie Micallef, Matthias Vella, Shania Micallef, Ramona Mifsud, Roseann Cordina and Kurt Cassar, will be travelling as part of the Maltese contingent helmed by Christina Magrin, who has been invited as a special guest following her remarkable success during Next Star in Romania. The performances will be judged by a panel is time comprising of Mariella Nava, Leonardo de Amicis, Valentina Ducros and Leonardo La Serra Ingrosso.

The Festival Della Canzone Citta Di Mascalucia, which will feature an 80-piece orchestra, will be broadcast on a number of major Italian TV stations. It has several long-standing traditions aimed at giving each participant a truly professional artistic experience.


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