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Like most people who pressed play when the video clip of two ladies (who turned out to be none other than Berlin singer-songwriter Kiddo Kat and South African cajon player Heidi Joubert) busking on a train popped up on their Facebook feed, I was certainly not expecting to see a familiar face steal the show, but that is exactly what Malta's own OzzyLino did, and rather effectively too, given it was his impromptu rap intervention that has pretty much spearheaded the hype about the clip, which has now gone viral, notching up some 70 million views (and rising). It's not unusual that such clips get shared around on the social media, but when a site like Graffiti Kings and major international publications pick up on it, it's a sure sign that it's a clip worth watching, and indeed it is! You've probably already seen it, but just in case we're sharing it here again, and how better to hear all about it if not straight from the horse's mouth! Here's the interview with OzzyLino that Michael Bugeja broadcast on a recent edition of Radio 101's Fuzzbox rock show.

For more information about OzzyLino, click here.


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