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Richard Edwards' debut solo single, Burning

Burning is the debut solo release from Richard Edwards. Released late last month, the song has what Edwards describes as a progressive dance characteristic; a side that is strikingly different to the folk rock slant of his band Firelight. Asked if this release meant he was shifting his focus away from Firelight, Edwards replied that he has always wanted to put out some music as a solo artist but it definitely does not mean he is leaving the band. “Firelight has had a lot of success these past couple of years” he said, adding “the band has been gigging regularly around Malta and we even got to perform abroad”. In fact, further to the success of the band’s 2014 album Backdrop of Life, we’re currently working on new material that will feature on our next album, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2017.

Nevertheless, Edwards maintains that his solo project is still quite important to him. “Since I was so busy with Firelight, I had no choice but to put my solo work on the backburner for a while” he explains. “Now that the band has taken a short break before reconvening to work on the album, I finally found the time to focus on my own music”.

Commenting about his debut single, Edwards said “Burning is a song about someone who’s had a rough time in the past and is ready to look forward, to let go of all the worries that he may have had and move forward while adopting a positive outlook on life.” Further to this first release, he also revealed he has another couple of tracks in the pipeline that he plans to release later this year.


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