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A new name on the local music scene by all means, The Shack however is simply a front for a project involving two very familiar faces, namely guitarist Wayne Camilleri and Red Electrick's Peter Borg. "There was never really any plan to set up a new project", Camilleri, who many will know as the guitarist from Big Band Brothers as well as the man behind K.O.I. explained. "I was messing about, trying to learn how to work some new audio software with Peter, who had dropped by to help me out". What was initially a number of open-ended ideas to try out the software eventually evolved into an impromptu songwriting session and, as the cliche' goes, the rest is history...or rather, it resulted in the first single from The Shack, New York City.

Featuring vocals from Tribali's Eliza Borg Rizzo, the debut single cruises along over a dubby groove laced with pop references aplenty. A co-write between The Shack and Eliza, it is very much a moody kind of pop song, one that packs a hazy, lazy hook in the vein of the triphop sounds that emanated from the UK back in the 1990s. Perhaps what stands out the most about this song is just how different it sounds from anything that both Camilleri and Borg have ventured into before, which is the whole point behind a side-project anyway, so it's all good. So will we be hearing more from The Shack? Judging from this song, I'd say it's a yes, but for now, it's all about New York City!


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