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Michela Galea has just released a music video for her song Fejn Marru t-Tfal?

She's still quite young but fast becoming something of a household name on the local music scene. Nineteen year-old Michela Galea started attracting serious attention thanks her participation in the 2014 edition of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song Mixja Li Bdiet, written by Renato Briffa and Alfred E. Baldacchino. The following year, she took part in the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival, where her song Fejn Marru t-Tfal?, written by Renato Briffa and Rita Pace, was very positively received.

Inspired by the challenges encountered by parents who are raising children, the song highlights the matter of balancing affection and discipline in trying to give one's children an exemplary upbringing. Without the right measure of affection, the song suggests that disciplined parenting could be perceived or portrayed as abusive, further to which, the lyrics go on to ask what has become of a child's intrinsic innocence, as it is impacted by the world we live in.

The song and its strong message were key elements in MediaCAST's initiative to contact the young singer with the proposal to produce a music video for Fejn Marru t-Tfal?. The video will be used for upcoming educational campaigns, among them those promoting the use of the Maltese language in schools through the study of lyrics from a poetic perspective.

The music video features two predominant scenarios, one portraying Michela Galea in a white dress playing the piano or looking into the mirror passionately as she sings the song; the second featuring two young dancers from the Steps Ahead Dance Academy. Filmed and produced by Rowena Testa and Jean-Luc Camilleri, the video is being officially launched today during the TV programme Espresso which is hosted by Wayne Aquilina and Paulette Gafa on ONE Television. After that, the video will be available to stream via Michela Galea's official Facebook page or Twitter.


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