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Matteo Makes Music! Freakiest Lullaby is Matteo Depares' debut single!

Young, dedicated and musically-gifted, Matteo Depares is one of several Maltese aspiring artists who didn't just talk the talk, they walked the walk too. Well, like most of them he flew actually, all the way to the UK, where for the past couple of years he's been working on his Masters in Songwriting and Production at the University of South Wales.

Having recently submitted his final project and back on the island, Depares is obviously keen on taking the next step; that of promoting the work he has put together and reach as wide an audience as possible. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find a smoky number by the name of Freakiest Lullaby in my inbox earlier this week, and just in time for Hallowe'en too!

Naturally, I was curious to know more, so here are the how's and why's concerning this number in the artist's own words. "The song was written last year during the Hallowe'en celebrations while I was studying abroad", Depares explains. "I produced it in Wales during that year with some help from my friends there, among them (vocalist) Naomi Rae and (drummer) Jacob Moseley, and it is part of my Masters portfolio". The song describes an encounter with a creature that both intrigues and horrifies the performer, but that shouldn't stop it from getting a great big chunk of airplay on the local airwaves.

Check out the video here!


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