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Further to the release of their latest single Hitman earlier this year, Blues rock band Dusk will now be launching the official music video for the song. "From the get-go we felt the song needed to have something visual to accompany it; something that would bring the story behind the song to life", the band said in a comment. To do this, Dusk teamed up with the creative and energetic crew from Imitosis, the result now ready to be unveiled for all to see.

The process involved sifting through a number of different options, but the moment the concept that would eventually be chosen was presented, both the band and the production team realized this was definitely the one to go with. Naturally, the production process involved a lot of hard work and long days of shooting but, that all seems trivial now that the end result is ready to go.

The music video will be launched on Saturday, November 26 at Beachaven in Xemxija. Dusk will perform live for the occasion following an opening acosutic set from Rise. DJ Steve Meli will be spinning tunes before and after the band's performance.

Entrance is €3 or €5 (including a download of Hitman and a bonus track)

For more information about the event, click here or visit



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