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In three days' time, Ira Losco will be back on the Eurovision stage, not, as was the case last year, to compete but as a guest artist. In the 8 months that have passed since her second attempt at bringing the Eurovision title to Malta, she has had a son, which obviously meant she took a step back from the limelight. Clearly however, she was juggling motherhood with music all the same, as she returns with a brand new single that will be performed for the first time in public this Saturday during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest finals.

The performance of We Are The Soldiers is part of a well-planned campaign that kicked off with the new single's radio launch last Monday, boosted by a Lovin'Malta teaser. After Saturday's performance, there will be the music video to look forward to along with further revelations (we already know the MPO is involved in some way) and interviews regarding Ira's upcoming new album. The title has yet to be announced but it will certainly feature her 2016 single Haunted by Love, her Eurovision entry Walk On Water as well as new single We Are The Soldiers, and of course, Ira Losco will be performing a number of live shows during the summer leading up to the album release. That's about all we can tell you for the moment, but Jagged House have assured us there'll also be some surprises along the way!


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