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Having started the New Year on a positive note with the release of a new song in Maltese, Lilek qatt ma nsejt, pop artist Clinton Paul is back with a brand new tune. Michelangelo is an uptempo number with a Eurobeat timbre, but crafted in the songwriter's self-styled dance pop. As has been the case with practically all of his recent releases, the new single comes with a music video - Clinton Paul's 17th to date - that was released on Monday, February 20 to coincide with his 34th birthday.

Always one to look for new ways to make his work stand out, the new video finds Clinton Paul exploring the use of paint and neon lights, to which he adds more than a dash of flamboyance and make-up. The video was produced by Evolution Media, who have been working with Clinton Paul since 2011.

Clinton Paul is currently working on his fourth studio album Carpe Diem, which will be released later this year. Music aside, he's also busy working on new products for his CLINTEES clothing brand, which was launched last December.


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