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Rest in peace Rhys Celeste (aka Microlith) (Picture from Facebook)

In just over two weeks' time, he would have been performing at the New Codes event in Berlin as part of the CPU Records showcase. Sadly, 24-year-old Rhys Celeste, better known as Microlith in the electronic music sphere, will not be present, following a tragic traffic accident that took his life yesterday. Despite his young age, Rhys was impressively prolific, a talented artist with a good number of acclaimed releases to his name, the most recent being last January's 1234. A new 12'' vinyl release, Subtle Variance, is scheduled for a March 17 release to coincide with the Berlin event. Well-loved by his local and foreign peers and fans alike, Rhys was a down-to-earth artist who was passionate about his music, always ready to help other artists when asked and with a keen eye for new sounds to explore and infuse into his music. He may no longer be among us but his work will keep his memory alive forever. Rest in peace Rhys, and thank you for the music.


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