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NSKY is the latest single to be released off Crux's 2016 debut album. The song, released on April 21, is available on all music platforms. The new single is in fact the opening track on the album, capturing perfectly the blend of electronic and synthesized sounds one finds on Ego Vs Ego. The release is accompanied by an animated video by Malcolm Ricci & Sarah Falzon.

"With the song heavily inspired by 80s synthwave, it was only natural that when creating the storyboard, Sarah went back to the visual styles from that period", the band said in a comment. "The linear illustrations and all its elements were created with the neon futuristic style in mind, and Malcolm's 2D animation is meant to give the viewer a nostalgic arcade gaming feel, while the use of close-up shots in the video set off certain emotions and help build the mood." The story for NSKY is based on one character and the strange things that happen to him as he travels from home to work and ends with a twist that brings a whole new dimension to the plot.


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